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Looking for something that's not too expensive to go as a stocking filler, ir maybe just a limited budget gift for a friend .  We can't guarantee that this selection of products will be the answer but there might just be something that's a little different which fits the bill. And of course if you have young children why not have Santa write to your child today. Highly personal...Truly Magical Just click on the picture or link to see more:

10 Christmas Superstitions

Payless4 Xmas Snow - Image 1. A Yule Log must not be bought and must be kept burning all night - who knows why?

2.  Look carefully at the shadows cast by those gathered round the fire on Christmas night -- if any of these appear to lack a head that person will die within the year - charming !.

3. If you have difficulty lighting the fire on Christmas Day then watch out,  a bad year lies ahead.

4. Mince pies must not be cut, however, lest you cut your luck. None must be eaten before Christmas Eve nor after Twelfth Night. Payless4 Xmas Snow - Image

5. When making Christmas pudding, make sure you drop in a silver coin, a thimble, and a ring. He who is served the coin finds luck, he who retrieves the thimble brings himself prosperity, and he who comes up with the ring hastens a wedding in his family.

6. The doors of a home used to be flung open at midnight on Christmas Eve to let out any trapped evil spirits.

7. A Christmas candle left burning in the window all night guarantees  good luck in the coming year. If the candle goes out, oh dear !

8. It is very unlucky to send Christmas carollers away empty-handed, no matter how badly they sing. One could be a king in disguise! Offer food, a drink, or a bit of money.

9. Singing Christmas carols at any time other than during the festive season is unlucky. Contrary to popular belief, wassailing has nothing to do with singing Christmas carols at people's houses and then getting drunk with them. Wassailing is the custom of honouring one's livestock and crops during the Christmas season in hope that this salute will increase yield in the coming year. Toasts are drunk to corn, cows, and fruit trees. Celebratory fires are lit in fields and cider drunk in barns and orchards while men shoot guns into the air to scare off evil spirits. A plum pudding might well be stuck on a cow's horn and the beast frightened into running until it tosses the pudding -- if the pudding falls forward, a good harvest is predicted, but if it falls backwards, the harvest will be poor.

10.  Dogs that howl on Christmas Eve will go mad before the end of the year. It is unlucky to do any unnecessary work on Christmas Day.